A general interest association, Aflam has been working since 2000 to the broadcasting and promotion of Arab cinema with all publics. With real expertise in this topic and as a socio-cultural actor on the field, it managed over the years to assert itself in the local and Mediterranean landscape.

Its action is declined through three main programs:

– The Aflam Festival: yearly non-competitive festival

– Aflam Screens: thematic cycles of monthly screenings

– WarshatAflam: scriptwriting residencies

Tightly sewn around these programs, Aflam also organizes year-round educational workshop to and through images.


Administration – Production Valentine BEDEZ

Production Sarra BARIRA

Mediation – Programmation Charlotte DEWEERDT

Mediation Mounir EL ABBASSI

Communication – Press Amélie RAUX

Le bureau

President Souad EL TAYEB

Treasurer Bernard MOREL

Secretary Solange POULET

Assistant secretary Nabil EL KENTE

Le conseil d'administration

Jocelyne CORNAND, Nabil EL KENTE, Carima TABET, Emmanuelle FERRARI, Michel SERCEAU, Joëlle METZGER, Claude LE CLEACH, Stéphanie SICARD, Farouk MARDAM-BEY, Jacques MANDREA, Mouna JALDOU, Bernard MOREL, Christel OLIME, Sabrina MERVIN, Slimane DAZI, Mathilde ROUXEL

Contact Us

42 rue Saint-Saens 13001 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 47 73 94